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This is a blog for my 12 year old little man that is dealing with HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome)and has had all 3 surgeries Glenn, Fontan, and Norwood, a pacemaker a few years later, 2 types of epilepsy (Rolandic and Petit Mal), and has suffered a stroke. Just wanted to create him a blog so that he can communicate as will I and his father, on his life and things he does throughout his life from the serious to the silly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update time again

hi everybody today im going to tell you about my second vacation in choctaw. what me and my family went to our grandma's house and to get on my aunt teresa's boat for a ride. We also got to ride for a long time on the tube that rides on the water behind the boat. then we went to spend the night. Then we went to our aunts house to spend three nights and today. we might finaly go back home today. Unless our mom says were going to spend another night here. We are having lots of fun this summer! I can't wait to do more fun things. We also got to spend a week at my dad's house finally and he took us to playworld. We had a lot of fun there too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog update finally!

Hi everybody, today I'm going to tell you about my vacation in Louisiana for 2 weeks and i went to the gulf. We had to guard are aunt Trisha's dogs for a week. And we got to go swimming everyday for two weeks except for 3 of those days because of the rain. During that, we went bowling, went to the movie theater and saw Kung Fu Panda 2, and went to McDonolds. We tried to go to the Museum but they were closed. We had a lot of fun with our cousins while they were there with us. We took a lot of pictures. At the beach we collected a lot of seashells and found a bunch of hermit crabs! They were everywhere! We went night swimming and it was really dark in the pool. We went to the Beauregard Watermelon Festival on our last night there. I rode the Ferris wheel and the big slide with my little brother Joe. There were a lot of rides but I couldn't ride them because of my heart and I was sad about that because they looked like fun. I can't wait to go back! We had a lot of fun in Louisiana.
My mom called and talked to the people at Make-A-Wish to see if I could get a really cool wish granted and they called her today to get my doctor's name and number to talk to him to find out if I am able to do this. I hope that I am because I have a lot of different wishes like...
1.   I want to take the family to Paris for a week to go to EuroDisney and sleep at the Disneyland hotel
2.   Ride on an airplane to someplace far away
3.   Spend the night in a castle in Ireland and kiss the Blarney stone with my family
4.   Be a super hero for a whole day
5.   Meet Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book
6.   Go to the ocean in Hawaii with my family
7.   Go to KARK channel 4 and be a weatherman and a news reporter for the day
8.   Go to Disney World with my family
9.   Go to Disneyland with my family
10. Go to Sea World with my family and swim with the dolphins
11. Go on a Disney cruise with my family
12. Have a four-wheeler for all of us
13. Our own house and a swimming pool in the backyard that's in the ground.
14. Have a park built in my back yard with a cool fort to play in
15. Go to Florida to the beach with my family
16. Meet the Queen of England and go inside Buckingham Palace
17. Have the family on Brain Surge
18. Be on America's Funniest Home Videos
19. Go to Hollywood and be in a movie with famous people
20. Be on the playing field with the Arkansas Razorbacks at a football game
21. Season tickets for all of us to go to all the Arkansas Razorback football games and money to get lots of Razorback stuff there because it costs a lot
22. Fix all the kids at Arkansas Children's Hospital so they can go home and not be sick anymore
23. Take the family to China
24. Meet the Home Make-Over guys and have them build me a house that's safe for me and fun
25. Go to the studios where they make the Disney and Dreamworks cartoons and see how they are made and be put in a cartoon.
and that's all I have to say right now!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hi everybody it's me brady. And im going to tell you about my youtube video. well i'can tell you that my little brother joe messed it up. Well it was about mario geting cursed and the song i put on was. Can you feel the sunshine the charictars are and these are stuff animals mario' hero ' clint the majic elf . well thats all the charictars i know. Bye bye i come back soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Presents and other random stuff

hi everybody  im going to tell you what santa brought  me for christmas a remocantrol spider. a paper jamez gutiar glow explosion and a scotter. a glow in the dark fushigi a baseball bat and base balls. a cars toy mat hotwhells octo battle bod man smell goodspray. i got two new spongebob games battle for bikini bottom spongebob the movie. then one morning  me and joe woke up after christmas day we found a present under the tree i thought we mist a present. but then it did not say santa it sayed to joe and brady from eleves are magic eleves got us a present it was cuponk. a cars and truks rule activity book a gliter ball  army men toys kung zhu battle arena. a kung zhu hamester. we hade fun in the snow on sunday we played in the snow then monday  morning it snowed again. we went to are cosons house and played in the snow then we had to leave. then me and mom talked how much snow they get in russia are mom sayd in russia .they have 1 foot  of  snow then the next day they get snow intil it gets to the top .of the theli phone poles thats all i have for now bye.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bad weekend for us at home but have some cool news...

I had a bad day sunday because on friday my little brother joe was sick and i caught his germs that day. Then sunday after church i got joes germs and logan did too. so i was sick for 2 whole days! and the second day i had joes germs i was much better that night when mom was showing us all about the magic elves. what you got to do, you got to sprinkle the snowflakes on the magic elves snowflake on their chest to make them come to life when you are sleeping. every elf you get you have to set that many crackers and that many cups of water to lure them to your house. and they can sometimes make messes in your house but sometimes they do nice things for you. they come 3 sizes 3 foot, 6inches or 10 inches. I wrote a letter asking for an elf, with red hair. I wanted the 3 foot elf so it would be easier to find it when it would hide. their hair comes in different colors, blonde, red, black, and brown. there are boys and girls and reindeer. if you find your elf with its magic bag in the morning it will have a special present in it. you can change their clothes if you have extra elf clothes. some things the elf has done funny at other peoples house, they wrapped toilet paper all over things in their house, sometimes they might even put someone's underware on their christmas tree, and sometimes you can find the elf in the freezer because they like the cold because they are reminded of the north pole. I hope I get a elf because they have to go back on christmas eve night to help santa take presents. sometimes they get special permission to come on other days. you can go and look at the elf stuff on the computer at http://www.elf-magic.com/ to see the silly stuff they do and all their stuff.